Balwyn North Residence -Nevada III

Balwyn North, Victoria, Australia

This French provincial home has a country elegance, not a city-slick hauteur. When it comes to the style it has a low-maintenance elegance to it that’s timeless and beautifully simple. The colors match the landscape: lots of cream and white, with browns, grays, and muted greens and blues. Texture is a key element of the home design with oak, iron, and stone frequently serving as accents—an homage to the historic farmhouses the style originated within

Vintage and antiques, such as wall clocks, chandeliers, blue and white porcelain plates, and mirrors. Bottles of Grange stored in the allocated Wine Cupboard with open bar to service the owners every need.

A Grand kitchen where family and friends can sit around a focal point of the home and enjoy a warm home cooked meal with great company.

This residence is that of contemporary living with a classical elegant palette, connecting internal and external spaces. Focusing on architectural athstetics, whilst maintaining functionality.